Over the course of two years, students work on four Thematic Design Projects that are the core of the curriculum, which includes the Graduation Project. The design-led research projects explore and open-up themes relevant to the field of interior architecture and other contemporary forms of design and spatial practice.

The projects are directed by either a core tutor or guest tutor, who come from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds. Whether an architect, designer, interior architect, or other, these specialists offer advanced insights into contemporary design practices and issues relevant to the professional and cultural field.

The structure offers students a framework for discussion, research, reflection and production. A project theme serves as a conceptual platform for exploring and dissecting specific interior and built environment practices and broader cultural issues. This module sequence aims to develop the student’s portfolio of projects and to define their creative, research and professional profile.

Complementary events, lectures, excursions and guest visits run parallel with the project to provide students with a broader professional context. Students explore various media, tectonic principles, technology and fabrication methods, materiality, and environmental/social performance as it relates to their research agenda.

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