Description: The Teaching Assistant Programme offers interested 2nd year students at the Master of Interior Architecture: Research + Design (MIARD) program the opportunity to assist undergraduate faculty of the SPATIAL DESIGN program at the Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam University.

Supervisor: Undergraduate Faculty, Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam University

Qualifications: Students in their 2nd year of study at the Piet Zwart Institute with an interest in teaching, and who demonstrate advanced design, research, communication, and analytical skills. The position requires an interview with the MIARD course director and the participating faculty member.

Responsibility: The Teaching Assistant assists faculty with their class instruction and the general duties for the course. Tasks include, serving as a design studio critic, responding to student questions during lectures, desk critiques, pin-ups and reviews; helping with analytical, design, drawing and digital skills. Additional duties will be determined by the participating undergraduate faculty member and the student(s).

Time Commitment: To be determined based on the scheduled course(s). Approximately 4 hours per week. A final written report is required by the participating student as a ‘record and assessment’ of their teaching experience.

The Teaching Assistant Programme is non-salaried and designed as an educational component of the course.