Opening Tuesday 31st January 6pm-8pm
1st Floor, Karel Doormanhof 45

Also open 6pm-8pm Wednesday 1st – Thursday 2nd February.

“I am not interested in real time and also not in the dramatic and codified time of cinema that manipulated duration. Let’s say I take ‘my time.’”
— Chantal Akerman

I set myself the goal to make interesting images within the restrained space of my room and using the visual material of my daily life. Not really knowing what I was searching for, I let the camera be an intruder into my intimacy, through a choreography between recording tool and myself. The video is a collection of moments, try-outs, improvisations of sound and moving images.

The Free Shop is a space for exhibition-making, experimentation and speculation outside of an academic framework. The space is programmed by Sophie Varin and Nick Thomas. Thanks to VSR and PvdK.