Over the course of two years, students will take four Thematic Seminars that introduce and open up themes relevant to the field of media design and communication. Past seminars have drawn out cultural motifs and issues common to many media such as Archives and Databases, Rhythmanalysis, Tipping Points, Unsolvable Problems and others.

Thematic Seminars are lead by either a core tutor, a team of core tutors, and/or guest tutors, who come from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds. Whether a designer, artist or theoretician, these specialists offer advanced insights into media design practices and issues significant to arts practice and professional fields.

The seminars use different learning methods such as reading sessions, instructional workshops, presentations, discussions and collaboratory research and production. This module aims to develop your understanding of your work in relation to others in the field and help you define your position within a broader cultural, technical and social context.