Steve Rushton is a writer and editor based in Rotterdam. Rushton’s publications include Experience, Memory, Re-enactment, 2005 (co-editor); The Milgram Re-enactment, 2003 (contributing editor) and Masters of Reality (2011). He has written essays and stories for numerous artists’ publications. He has collaborated with a number of artists and writers, including Rod Dickinson, Thomson & Craighead, Everything Editorial and Dexter Sinister. He curated the exhibition After Neurath: Like Sailors on the Open Sea, Stroom, The Hague (2006-2007). He is a co-founder of the research group Signal:Noise (2010-2012), which investigated the prevalence of notions of feedback in contemporary culture. His ongoing project, a wiki entitled The Fabulous Loop de Loop, a cybernetic discourse as read through seven feedback machines, builds on these interests.

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Closed Circuit, 2010, Rod Dickinson in collaboration with Steve Rushton 3 Channel Video Installation (and initially a Live Performance, 28 August 2010, 8 p.m. at Stara Elektrarna – The Old Power Station – Ljubljana, Slovenia as part of the International festival Mladi levi)