Originally trained as an audiovisual designer and teacher in art education, Barend Onneweer is an independent visual effects and animation artist and educator.

Today, he shares his time between his post-production company Raamw3rk and teaching in animation and cinema-related subjects.

Combining a strong technical background with an artistic author-driven approach, he is a sought-after collaborator by indie- and documentary filmmakers, and visual artists working with moving images.

With a special interest in the relationship between craft and artistic ownership in a field that is collaborative by nature, and dominated by large-scale post-production studios, Onneweer has been exploring small-scale alternatives and researching methods and tools for collaboration in animation and postproduction.

As an educator, Barend has worked in many different roles and environments ranging from teaching master class workshops in New York and Los Angeles to being Head of the Department of Animation (Bachelor course) at the Willem de Kooning Academy.