Michael Murtaugh is an independent computer programmer (automatist.org)

and a member of Constant Art & Media (constantvzw.org) in Brussels where he lives. Since 2008, he is a part of Active Archives (activearchives.org), a research project which develops free software tools to connect the practices of library, media library, and print with the production of audio-visual objects, events, and workshops. His work has been shown at Documenta 13 (d13.documenta.de/) and at Kunsthal Aarhus (http://kunsthalaarhus.dk/) and the Stedelijk Museum (stedelijk.nl). He is a regular participant in events related to digital archiving and free software and design.

He studied Computer Science at MIT (BS 1994) and was a member of Glorianna Davenport’s Interactive Cinema group at the MIT Media Lab (MS 1996). Murtaugh co-teaches “Prototyping” with an emphasis on software and networked media.