Emiel Copini completed the research Master Literary and Cultural Studies with a focus on film studies, University of Groningen, and obtained his PhD there as well. In his dissertation, he shows what a theoretical framework around cultural awareness could bring teachers in secondary schools who strive to develop meaningful, interdisciplinary culture and arts education. It is about how adolescents express and position themselves in society.  

Emiel works at ArtEZ University of the Arts as a teacher at the Master Education in Arts as well, and as researcher with the Professorship Art Education as Critical Tactics. He leads a research project at Windesheim around the question how the Teachers College with its distinctive concept of the ‘teacher artist’ could be integrated in the regular educational programs. 

Emiel has methodological experience supervising collaborative research, where all those involved are co-researchers in a joint quest. He uses research to achieve educational development from within learning communities. He is currently also applying this approach in higher education, in socio-artistic projects, and in national research into the anchoring of film education (for the Dutch Institute for Film Education).