The In-Between
MIARD’21 Graduate Exhibition
July 1–4, 2021

 Opening: July 1, 7–10pm

Piet Zwart Institute Master Interior Architecture: Research and Design
Hofbogen, Raampoortstraat 30
3032 AH Rotterdam
the Netherlands

Graduates: Angelo Ciccaglione, Eva Garibaldi, Noelle Ingeveldt, Katharina Kasinger, Leila El-Kayem, Nury Lee, Gavin O’Leary, Rachel Refael, Denisse Vega De Santiago, Milena Sekulic, Maria Weis

The Master Interior Architecture: Research + Design at Piet Zwart Institute invites you to The In-Between, an exhibition of the final projects by the 2021 graduates. 

The exhibition elucidates the depth of interdisciplinary practices within this year’s MIARD MA candidates who present 11 installations that pose questions about the temporal quality of space and its reverberations in memory, document, and physical trace. Occupying two large arches under an old railroad in Rotterdam Noord, the works conjure an immersive, sensorial experience where the body of the visitor is constantly being reoriented and challenged, as if in transition without a final landing.  

Emerging from a year of uncertainty and instability, the exhibition digs into the fallibility of our environments as records of collective biases and morals while contending with the material realities heralded by a new decade of the 21st century. Employing an arsenal of material experimentation, site-specific performances, spatial design, critical research, and the document as form, the graduates have produced ambitious works that take on the complex legacies of environmental change, exploitative economies, and the politics of the body. Departing from the knowledge produced in different geographies, both intimate and public, the works are positioned as sites of potentiality, generating fictions for the self and the collective. 

The In-Between unfolds in parts, through the storefront the works take a sculptural shape, but once inside the installations are meant to be inhabited, as the architectural shapes contour and envelope the viewer. The eleven installations coexist in the shared sensibilities and space-making strategies that have emerged in the group dynamic, demonstrating dexterity with the use of materials such as textiles, mud, dust, soap, and soil. At the core of the exhibition, there is the desire to look through the crevices of existence and the cracks of history, to zoom into the glue that bonds us to our environments and each other as a way to reveal the fragile web of organized life.   

Public access will be determined on RIVM rules for safety.

The exhibition is part of Rotterdam Art Week, June 30 – July 4 program of events. 
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General opening hours: Friday to Sunday, 11am-6pm

Curator: Sharmyn Cruz Rivera
Graduation Project Supervisors: Golnar Abbasi, Ephraim Joris, Natasha Marie Llorens, Federico Martelli
Graduation Project Chair: Alex Augusto Suárez
External Expert: Nasim Razavian
Project Manager: Zoraïma Hupkes
Technical Assistant: Ricardo Nemeye Van Wijk
Graphic Designer: Kristjan Dekleva