Very proud to announce that our current second year student Adam Patterson will have a solo exhibition at TENT. Rotterdam!

Adam Patterson uses masquerade, textiles, performance, video and poetry to tell new stories or to repeat old stories and provide them with new meaning. The new video installation “A Ship of Fools” is a vehicle for several voices, who try to find words for their experiences in the difficult times in which we live.

The exact opening date is yet to be announced.

Can we find ways to feel each other’s pain, mourn each other’s loss, and relate to what is happening right now? And how do we want to continue together after we have shared our experience of the crisis?

Patterson translated this desire for empathy, connection and solidarity into a way of working in which cooperation is central. “A Ship of Fools” is a collaboration with Clementine Edwards, Nicole Jordan, Ark Ramsay and M. Maria Walhout. A leading role in the new work is music and kangas – printed canvases that you give as a personal gift to someone during joyous or sad events.

Adam Patterson (Bridgetown, 1994) works as a visual artist and writer, and lives alternately in Barbados, London and Rotterdam. Patterson was a participant in the Hamburger Community of Art in Rotterdam (2019); exhibited at Live Art Development Agency (London), Barbados Museum & Historical Society (Bridgetown), Little Red Riding Hood (Rotterdam), Ateliers ’89 (Oranjestad), Alice Yard (Port of Spain); and published in ARC Magazine, Sugarcane Magazine, PREE, Mister Motley and Metropolis M.

More info here.