The floor is an inevitable surface and western architecture has strived to keep it flat, to mute it, and it is therefore rarely questioned. 
The ground, from which the soil constitutes the superficial living layer, is the source of all the materials traditionally used in architecture.
Undermatters is focusing on what sits below our feet as a lens to understand space from a different perspective and ultimately create an architecture able to address gravity, materiality, deep time and material sourcing.

Ana Cecilia Sariol
Yiyang Liu
Mao Zhang
Youngji Lee
Jitivi Banthaisong
Hedvig Maria Koertz Mikkelsen
Philippa Lorenzen
Julia Anna Lowinska
Mateusz Tkaczen
Mirela Atanassova
Ingmar König
Ricardo Nemeye Van Wijk
Vera Sofia Schneider
Saskia de Fabritiis

Wednesday December 11Cookies HQ Basement150 Eendrachstraat 3012XR Rotterdam 
from 18.00 to 21.00.

Projects by second year students from Master Interior Architecture – Research + Design (MIARD) at the Piet Zwart Institute

Tutors : Federico Martelli, Clément Périssé – Cookies
Course Director : Alex Augusto Suarez
Course Coordinator: Zoraïma Hupkes