On March 25–27, first-year students of the MIARD program will travel to Milan to explore the architecture and design scene, both old and new. In the course of the three days, the students will visit some of the most exciting local practices working at the scale of the interior, such as Piovenefabi, Francesco Librizzi, and Studio Albori. They will also visit the recently opened 22nd Triennale, including a tour of Paola Antonelli’s acclaimed Broken Nature with Studio Folder, the exhibition designers. Finally, they will take a close look at the high period of Italian modernism through the work of Achille Castiglioni, BBPR, Asnago Vender and others. The trip is organised by Andrea Bagnato, lecturer in the Critical Studies module.

Image credit: Llareta #0308-2B31 (Up to 3,000 years old; Atacama Desert, Chile), from The Oldest Living Things in the World by Rachel Sussman. Part of Broken Nature: Design Takes on Human Survival.