A computer-generated zine workshop

Dates: 19 & 20 October 2018
Time: 12:00 – 17:00
Location: Sign Gallery | Winschoterkade 10, 9711 EA Groningen
Language: English

Costs: € 5,-
Subscribe via: signnl@gmail.com
Needs: Material and tools are available, take your own laptop.

If we let it take over, what kind of zine would a machine create? We invite you to transform texts and images you find fascinating/ irrelevant/ disconnected into the raw material of a zine through playful software, poetically binding them all together in printed form. More info here: https://zine-machines.kstraat.casa/

Zine Machines is hosted by Angeliki Diakrousi, Luke Murphy and Alice Strete and is part of the SPREAD Zinefest @ SIGN Gallery