We are happy to announce that MMDC thesis supervisor Marloes de Valk was awarded the first edition of the Hash Award for her work developed during a Web Residency at Schloss Solitude and ZKM, April 2017.

Marloes de Valk critically examines the mechanisms and contexts of propaganda, fake news and climate change in her artistic work ranging from computer games to installations to publications, surveillance technologies and artificial intelligence. During a four-week Web Residency in 2017 on “Art & Whistleblowing”, she explored in an essayist work the strategies of industry and politics to manipulate public opinion and the role of the media, based on PR campaigns during the 1980s in the US.

In particular, juror Marisa Olson convinced the variety of media the artist uses as a “passionate and informed cultural commentator on the larger ecosystem of technological devices that includes network culture and its symptoms – from global warming to infectious surveillance states. When talking about Internet Art in 2018, it is essential to include this wider range of aesthetic, cultural and political considerations.” (Marisa Olson)

Link to the work

Link to an interview with Marloes about the residency