Nowadays, interior architects have to deal with a world in continual transformation, made of challenges in real estate, technology, socio-politics, ecology and economics.

Designers are therefore called to broaden their professional horizons in order to face today’s complex problems and anticipate a future role for their discipline. Run by the Piet Zwart Institute of the Willem de Kooning Academy at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, the Master’s in Interior Architecture: Research + Design (MIARD) was conceived precisely to satisfy the demands of this ever-changing world, offering students in-depth post-graduate training focused on the intricate and dynamic sector of interior architecture.

By re-examining the conventions of interior architecture, MIARD aims to overcome the sector’s traditional disciplinary boundaries, with the objective of spawning new prospects for the creation of space. Thanks to its multidimensional nature, the research project is simultaneously active on a number of didactic paths and a variety of scales, from local to global, from objects to architecture. This cross-disciplinary and proactive educational and design structure produces an open and intellectually demanding atmosphere that seeks to cultivate highly innovative designers for the 21st century.

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