As part of Masters 2015, the Master Education in Arts presents two events which conclude our current lecture and seminar series at TENT entitled Cartographies of Acting Pedagogically  Working with Liquid Logic. The series was developed by course tutor Prof. Dr. Frans-Willem Korsten, in collaboration with Priscila Fernandes, as part of her solo exhibition that runs until 5 July.

Public Seminar: Cartographies of Acting Pedagogically – Working with Liquid Logic
Date: Thursday 9 July, 15:0017:00
Location: Hofpoort, Event Space 13th floor, Hofplein 20, Rotterdam
With: Prof. Dr. Frans-Willem Korsten & first year students
Public class in which ‘the practice of mapping and unraveling pedagogical structures’ will be tested together with the students and participants, ranging from the artistic, economic, cultural and technological context, to the professional environment and individual commitment, choices and actions.

Public Debate: Art and Design Education in Times of Change
Date: Thursday 9 July, 20:0022:00
Location: Hofpoort, Event Space 13th floor, Hofplein 20, Rotterdam
With: Prof. Dr. Frans-Willem Korsten (moderator), Prof. Dr. Annette Jael Lehmann & Sophie Krier
When circumstances are changing, a different “where are we?” is at stake. As such we need a different logic of dealing with issues of autonomy, both in how we want to assert and profile ourselves, as well as in response to current and historical examples.

Prof. Dr. Annette Jael Lehmann: Black Mountain Research: Raw and Ongoing
Black Mountain Research is a collaborative interdisciplinary and inter-institutional project between Freie Universität Berlin and Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart – Berlin. The project negotiates both Black Mountain College’s historical importance (it operated from 1933-1957) and its potential as a model for contemporary creative, educational and community practice. How do research and education influence our experience of art and how do they influence the production of art? How are these processes connected with each other and how can we explore them? Which historical, educational models could be productive today and how could they change curatorial practices and the making of art and exhibitions? On what level does and will new media and the digital turn influence collective knowledge production?

Sophie Krier: How to Think Like a Mountain
In this talk, Krier will share insights from her research as artist-in-residence at the University College Roosevelt, Middelburg, in relation to laying the groundwork for a new art and design curriculum at the school. To think like a mountain means, in the words of Creative Writing Prof. Chad Weidner, “to gain understanding of the deep interconnectedness of things, and to learn to ask real questions.” At the same time, the complex issues of the world we live in ask for highly specific ways of working across disciplines. The Art & Design Practice department at University College Roosevelt (expected launch: January 2016) intends to contribute to the emergence of such hybrid practices. Conclusions that emerge during Krier’s research will be translated into a pedagogical blueprint, which will address an array of questions, such as: On which qualities and potentials can such a course be built? Which professional and artistic needs will it address, and how will it attempt to do this? Which knowledge alliances can it initiate? And furthermore, how can we learn to make unexpected and meaningful connections between ourselves, things, people and situations in the world?

Prof. Dr. Annette Jael Lehmann
Annette Jael Lehmann received her Ph.D. in comparative literature and aesthetics at the Freie Universität Berlin. She was a.o. visiting assistant professor at the University of California (UCLA) and the School of Critical Studies, CalArts. She was Assistant Research Professor at the DFG-Collaborative Research Centre SFB 447: “Kulturen des Performativen“ (1999-2005). Also she was executive manager of the “Zentrum für Interdisziplinäre Kunstwissenschaften und Ästhetik” (2006). Since 2007 she is Professor of Contemporary Art, Visual Culture and Theater at the Freie Universität Berlin, Germany. She has a strong inter- and cross-disciplinary focus in research and in practise-based collaborations with various institutions in academia, art and culture.

Sophie Krier
Krier runs an editorial design studio in Rotterdam since 1999, Atelier Sophie Krier. Initially trained as in textile design at the Design Academy Eindhoven, Krier has developed a practice in which she combines her interests in design, research and education. Between 2004 and 2009 Krier led the Bachelor course designLAB (Rietveld Academie, NL). She lectures and conducts international workshops regularly, and has curated and moderated symposia on questions related to craft and industry, the future of education, visual culture, and urban ecology. Currently she is holding an artist-in-residence at University College Roosevelt, for which she is researching the pedagogics of Liberal Arts & Sciences in relation to art education, while testing a pilot for a possibly new Art and Design course.


Image courtesy of DBKV

The graduates of the Bachelor degree DBKV will also present their work:

Public Presentation: Creating Educators
Date: Thursday 9 July, 17:0019:30
Location: Event Space, Hofpoort, Hofplein 20, Rotterdam
Language: Dutch
The graduating teachers of the WdKA Bachelor DBKV (Visual Art and Design Teacher Training) also share their thesis work: lesson plans, future dreams, educational products and research on art. The audience has an opportunity to listen to project pitches, look at the work in the exhibition, be part of the discussion, or have an informal chat over drinks.