The Master Interior Architecture & Retail Design graduation projects this year investigate fundamental rubrics of interior architecture as a discipline in its own right; they entice us to look at the construction and representation of space through a different lens. They question: what is it, actually, that I perceive when I enter a space? When all my senses tell me things that the space itself does not seem to contain, but conjures up in a way that escapes me, then I ask what is this space constructed from? Perhaps things, memories, narratives, serendipitous incidents, technologies, relationships, and presences? It is all of that.

Featuring designers: Marco Busani, Iulia Circei, Eglė Jacinavičiūtė, Bianca Yousef, Natalie Konopelski, Devika Mirawitani, and Sina Steiner

Special Event
During the opening, Bianca Yousef will present her design Revolving Gaze. This takes form as an interactive experience where two strangers will encounter, negotiate and interact across an abstract representation of the threshold. (5 minutes)