Master Media Design (Lens-Based and Networked Media) Department
Piet Zwart Institute for Post-Graduate Studies & Research

Monday January 26, 2015, 10 am till 6 pm
Piet Zwart Institute
Karel Doormanhof 45
3012 GC Rotterdam

This day of lectures and presentations will focus on old and recent media technologies of temporal measurement and control, and how they animate and re-animate human life. The keynote speaker is Zoe Beloff, who will discuss works she is presenting in the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2015 program, including:

The Infernal Dream of Mutt and Jeff (2012)
Two cartoon figures from the thirties physically endure social progress and industrial management. In this reflection on the eternal problem of work pressure, a video projection presents a lesson in efficiency, a case of contagious paranoia, and an instructional film in which objects take on a life of their own.

Glass House (2014)
Beloff attempts to visualise a script that Eisenstein never succeeded in filming. The result is a merry excursion in the brain of a visionary avant-garde artist.

Further speakers that will expand on this topic of pervasive techniques of control, that mobilise audiovisual media to measure, categorise, and discipline us, include: Aura Satz, Julien Maire and Florian Cramer.

Zoe Beloff
Scotland-born, New York-based artist Zoe Beloff is one of the leading names in “media archaeological art.” Combining film, performance, installation and drawing, her work has been shown at the MoMA, Whitney Museum of American Art, and Christine Burgin Gallery, New York; Site Santa Fe; M HKA Antwerp; and Pompidou Center Paris.

Aura Satz
London-based artist Aura Satz (Barcelona, 1974) completed a PhD at the Slade School of Fine Art. Her work incorporates film, sound, performance, and sculpture. Satz is interested in modes of heightened perception, sensory disorientation, and the physical and sonic properties of specific objects. She received the Arts Council England Award in 2011 and 2012. Her work has been featured at Science Museum, Tate Britain, Hayward Gallery, and Royal Academy, London; De Appel, Amsterdam; and George Eastman House, Rochester, New York.

Julien Maire
Julien Maire (1969, Metz, FR) lives and works in Berlin. A visual and performing artist, his work deconstructs and re-invents the technology of audiovisual media. His work received a New Media Art award from the Foundation Liedts-Meesen in 2008. Recent exhibitions include the 25th Alexandria Biennale, Egypt; Wood Street Galleries, Pittsburgh; SMAK, Ghent, and Artefact Festival, Stuk, Leuven, Belgium; 5th Seoul International Media Art Biennale, Korea; and MoMA Zendai, Shanghai, China.

Florian Cramer
Within Hogeschool Rotterdam, Florian Cramer is a Research Professor in New Media, and the Director of Creating 010, a centre focusing on Communication in the Digital Age, and Cultural Diversity. Cramer collaborates with the Institute of Network Cultures to further thinking about the future of print in a post digital era. He is the author of numerous essays and books on literature, art, computer culture, copyleft and the politics of media, and a part-time programmer at WORM, Institute of Avantgardistic Recreation.