Date: Thursday December 11 2014
Time: Exhibition: 12:00 – 17:00 hrs. / Public Reception: 17:00 hrs.
Location: Huis Sonneveld, Jongkindstraat 12 Rotterdam

A one-day exhibition in the legendary preserved interiors of the style ‘Nieuwe Bouwen’ at Huis Sonneveld, part of Het Nieuwe Instituut. The exhibition will present two different bodies of work: a research project by a MIARD Alumna and projects by a group of current MIARD students.

Unfolding Interior Patterns
Unfolding Interior Patterns by Iulia Circei


Using another discipline as a point of departure, the designers will question, define and reshape the interior. The application of this research lens implies the mixing of ‘codes’ to broaden the given disciplinary boundaries.

Master students at MIARD will exhibit new site-specific species of space and its objects.

Designers: Madina Bissenova, Alice Bonicelli, Iulia Circei, Kleoniki Fotiadou, Wojciech Gawronski, Natalie Konopelski, Noah Matsumoto, Devika Mirawitani

Design Studio Tutor: Laura Lynn Jansen

From the series "Interior Portraits: Sonneveld" by Natalia Martinez Saavedra
From the series “Interior Portraits: Sonneveld” by Natalia Martinez Saavedra


Interior Portraits is based on the different readings that image making can generate in domestic spaces. The principles of photography as light, reflection, time and exposure were used to contribute to the visual analysis of the hidden and immaterial qualities of interiors, therefore altering the perception of space.

For the Huis Sonneveld, the project develops still images that through juxtapositions and sequencing act as part of an extended narrative. Using long exposures to capture the traces of temporary inhabitants, and producing a Camera Obscura to generate a two-way portal between inside and outside, led to the construction of a larger collection that aims at overlapping multiple scenarios to visualize the time and memories that are trapped in this iconic modernist house.

Designer: Nathalia Martinez Saavedra
(MIARD Alumna 2014)

Public Reception

After the one-day exhibition closes there will be a public reception at Het Nieuwe Instituut.
Time: 17:00 hrs.
Location: Museumpark 25, Rotterdam