Date: December 11 2013, 21:00 hrs
Location: WORM
Address: Boomgaardsstraat 71 Rotterdam

Entrance is free

'Proud to be your version 2' is a public screening event curated by Annet Dekker and Peter Taylor for the thematic project ‘Testing the Shelf Life’ by the Master Media Design & Communication department of the Piet Zwart Institute, Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam University – in collaboration with KinoKino at Worm.

We’re Not Blacking Out, Just Turning the Lights Off as Proud To Be Your Version 2, steps into the vacuum of memory, intuition and forgetfulness.  ‘Am I not broken, stolen, common,’*  things start to get woozy with James Richards’ paean to intimacy as we ease ourselves slowly into a sensual tapestry of found video material, cigarette ends, performance and sound.  ‘Am I not glinty eyed and frozen,’ the heat hits, the familiar is disarmed and exploded, and the palimpsest’s wiped clean, ‘Was I not over, overridden, ‘ with fresh impulses, nuances and legends.  We’re happy you dropped by, ‘it is a long story,’ we’re ‘proud to be your version.’

James Richards, Not Blacking Out, Just Turning the Lights Off (UK 2012, 17:00)

Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay, Colin Is My Real Name (CA 2013, 6:00)

Sean Snyder, Casio, Seiko, Sheraton, Toyota, Mars (US 2005,14:00)

Laure Prouvost, It Heat Hit (UK 2010, 6:00)

Michael Robinson, These Hammers Don't Hurt Us (US 2010, 12:51)

Jennifer Chan, [[ I'll Show You HD ]]], (US 2012, 3:13)

* the texts in italics are quotations from a poem performed in James Richards, Not Blacking Out, Just Turning the Lights Off (UK 2012, 17:00)

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Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay –

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