Public guest lecture by Jos de Krieger (2012Architecten) and Bob Dinwiddy (SPEE Architecten).


Time: 10:00 hrs

Guest speaker Jos de Krieger (NL), architect at 2012Architecten

Jos de Krieger, architect at 2012 Architecten (Rotterdam) will explain the project of the former multi-media center Worm (temporary located within the Verenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie warehouse in Delfshaven) and present the recently finished Dortyard project in Dordrecht, a transformation of an old ship engine factory into a museum and workshop for sculptural works.

2012 Architecten

2012 Architecten is a Rotterdam based architecture office that utilizes the contextual potential for design. A design is not considered as the beginning of a linear process but as a phase in a continuous cycle of creation and recreation, use and reuse. The latent properties of used materials and products offer an added value to new products and buildings. Our office views re-use as an integrated design strategy called ‘superuse’. The reuse concept applies to building materials as well as to energy supplies, human resources, water, traffic and food cycles. We develop strategies for cities to connect different loops, while integrating these processes into the existing urban environment. This concept is coined ‘Recyclicity’.

Time: 12:00 hrs

Guest speaker: Bob Dinwiddy (UK), architect at SPEE Architecten

Bob Dinwiddy, architect at SPEE Architecten (Rotterdam) will present the RDM Innovation Dock project, the former Rotterdamse Droogdok Maatschappij machine hall transformed into more than 12,500 m² of open space aimed for hosting joint collaboration projects between companies and the University (Albeda College and Hogeschool Rotterdam).

SPEE Architecten (formerly PLUS Architecten)

SPEE architects is a wide oriented agency that deals with the realization of innovative, sustainable and feasible projects with a clear added value. This results in innovative typologies and concepts with a particular materialization, which lead to unique contemporary buildings, with a clear identity.

SPEE represents the value of the integral design.

Monday December 3 2012, 10:00 hrs

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