The Fine Arts departments of the Sandberg Institute and Piet Zwart institute present a first in an series of joint projects. The title – 'Piet-Willem/Willem-Piet #1' – which nods to the figureheads of our respective Master of Fine Art programs, consists in a pedagogical experiment.

In a cultural environment that breeds fierce competition and the safeguarding of educational resources, we propose to resist by bringing tutors and students together in open dialogue in shared spaces of teaching and learning, which in this case, will take place during the Kunstvlaai 2012: Festival of Independents.

Each Institution hosts a weekend of presentations at the Kunstvlaai 2012.

Piet Zwart Institute presents 'Radio Piet and the Video Chorus' from November 23-25. The Piet Zwart Institute MFA programme will be broadcasting in dual modes at the Kunstvlaai Festival. Video Chorus presents a kaleidoscope that refracts our collective experiences, in and out of the studio, through a stream of uncredited footage. On Saturday November 24, Radio Piet will echo the chorus format, transmitting an audio montage of live and pre-recorded sounds, stings and segments featuring PZI MFA students, core tutors, and staff. In addition, workshops will be hosted by the Public School in our joint classroom space and broadcast live during Radio Piet's programme. Tune in, drop in and hang out.  See below for Program Details.

Please find more info on the websites of the Piet Zwart Institute and Kunstvlaai websites.