From November 15, CrossLab kicks off  a series of events on media design and technology. First up is the 'DESIGNER & USERS ON THE MOVE' / MOBILE DESIGN event in de Unie in Rotterdam. It starts at 19.30hrs.

The popularity of 'apps' for mobile media platforms shows that a new domain for designers is born. What influence do the mobile user, 'real time' information and small displays have on the design practice?

In 2009, the agency 'Guppies in the Dark', a pioneer in 'apps', hit the media with its 'JeePee app' – starring former Prime Minister Balkenende. Marc Shepard's 'The Serendipitor' is a navigation 'app', inspired by art movements like Fluxus. With 'Palm Top Theatre i3DG', Maki Ueda is demonstrating a mini-installation for the iPhone, showing a 3-dimensional experience on an intimate screen. Sander Veenhof shows how you can become curator of MoMA through 'Augmented Reality' for smartphones. Marc Fonteijn and BERG (Skype) give their future vision on designing in an era of mobile media.

CrossLab event 'Designers and users on the move'. Mon Nov 15 '10, 19.30hrs. De Unie, Mauritsweg 34-35, R'dam. Entrance: € 7 (€ 5 employees WdKA) / € 2.50 euro for students with student card). Subscribe by email (name and number of persons).

Next CrossLab event on Monday December 6 2010:

'Products that live' / Design for the future
Design for the future, how does it work? 'Speculative design' is based on speculative, utopian visions. With – among others – Koert van Mensvoort (Nano Supermarktet) and Jack Mama (Philips Design).

Special thanks to De Unie, V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media, Nae Morita (Japan).

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