CROSSLAB LUNCH EVENTS                    

Thursday March 4: CD release: Radboud Mens / students elective Audio Art. 17.00 hrs, 2nd infill, Blaak 10.

The Music Of Sound – You Don't Have To Call It Music If The Term Shocks You is the result of Audio Art, a CrossLab elective. Think of sound installations at a festival or audio art in the public space. Sound artist Radboud Mens led the workshop and produced the CD. The unique piece of work will be launched today. Free music & drinks – please join in!

Saturday March 13: excursion symposium Transnatural. Trouwgebouw, Wibautstraat 127, Amsterdam.

During the event Transnatural, well-known designers, scientists and architects take a close look at the consequences of the fusion between technology and nature. Speakers are Dr. Rachel Armstrong (metabolic materials, lliving architecture); Tobie Kerridge (Material Beliefs, biomedical and cybernetic technologies); Koert van Mensvoort (Next Nature, ‘man made' nature) en Jan Jongert (2012Architecten/SuperUse, grave-to-cradle method). Futuristic or reality?

Admission for students includes exhibition, excludes workshop.
Info and reservation before March 11: Deanne Herst

Tuesday March 16: Hicham Khalidi, Transnatural. 12.30 -13.25hrs, 2nd infill floor, Blaak 10.

Transnatural is an event that explores the boundaries between technology and nature. Are we living in a world in which both have merged? Was there ever a difference/boundary between nature and technology? Transnatural showcases spectacular attempts from the world of arts, design and science to make a new fused reality 'experiencable'. Curator Hicham Khalidi on ‘spimes', ‘cradle-to-cradle' and ‘metabolic materials' in art and design.

Tuesday March 30: Marc Schwieger, Welcome to Inspiration Society. 12.30 -13.25hrs, 2nd infill floor, Blaak 10 – UNFORTUNATELY THIS LECTURE IS CANCELLED. A NEW DATE WILL BE ANNOUNCED.

Welcome to Inspiration Society – How consumer participation changes (or maybe even ends) the world of advertising. This is the working title of Marc Schwieger's latest paper. Schwieger is a research fellow at WdKA's Communication in a Digital Age research programme. Schwieger is Creative Director at Scholz & Friends, one of Germany's and Europe most well-know advertising firms. In his blog, he explores changes in marketing and advertising. These changes are influenced by user-created content and media. Don't miss this innovating talk!