Design Platform Rotterdam: Social Media
Location: Arminius   | Museumpark 3   |   3015 CB Rotterdam

Monday, 14th December 2009 |  20:00
Free entrance

A public panel discussion on the impact of social media and the Internet
on graphic design: Will social media and “Web 2.0” services make
designers obsolete?

Moderated by Lucas Verweij, with Florian Cramer (Piet Zwart Institute),
Edial Dekker (Bright Magazine), Nicole Sanberg (IN10 Communicatie),
Bianca Spierenburg (Studio Polkadot) and Robin van den Akker (Ph.D.
researcher Erasmus University).

— Organised by Design Platform Rotterdam and Arminius
You can find more information here and here.

Verknüpfung, Markt und Medien
[“Linkage, Markets and Media”]
Location: Grillo-Theater  |    Theaterplatz 11  |  45127 Essen  |  Germany

Tuesday, 15th December 2009  |  20:00

Panel talk between Diedrich Diederichsen (Akademie Bildende Künste Wien) and
Florian Cramer (Piet Zwart Institute) – in German

Pop music is a culture of linkage with fans combining its elements:
hair styles, looks, body language, attitudes, poses, rhythms, sounds,
public events, private sites of imagination. How does this constellation
change in an age where pop music mostly circulates as files?

— Organised by Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut Essen,
Institute of Advanced Study in the Humanities
For those who speak German, read more here.

Networked Media trimester project presentations: Open Events
Location: Piet Zwart Institute | Mauritsstraat 36 |  3012 CG Rotterdam

Thursday, 17th December 2009 | 11:00-18:00

Student presentations of trimester works completed for the thematic project
Open Events, lead by Rui Guerra, V2_ labs and UnDEAF festival), with Birgit
Bachler (AT), Emanuele Bonetti (IT), Loredana Bontempi (IT), Ozalp Eroz (TK),
Bernhard Garnicnig (AT), Kenneth Rayshon Henry (USA), Megan
Hoogenboom (NL), Albert Jongstra (NL), Darija Medic (YU), Renee Olde
Monnikhof (NL), Selena Savic (YU), Farrah Shakeel (PK).
Guests: Gordan Savicic and Lukas Simonis.

Wan't to read more about this event? Click here.