Alessandro Ludovico is editor in chief of Neural – an international magazine on digital arts and culture. Neural focuses on issues such as electronic music, media culture, ‘hacktivism', audio art and interactive literature. Starting in the 1990's, Neural has become legendary in the mean time.

Neural is being published in two editions: in pixel as well as in print. They are complementary. The online version functions as a note book for all latest and newest issues. A selection is being published in print, after being researched & elaborated upon.

Neural editor Alessandro Ludovico is author of the essay ‘Paper and Pixel, the mutation of publishing' (2006), in which he argues that “the death of paper didn't happen.”

During the March 18 CrossLab lunch event he will explain about Neural's past & present, and about the future of magazines: print or pixel? He will discuss this issue as well at a conference to be organized in May 2009 by our new lectorate ‘Communication in a Digital Age' en PZI (Media Design).

CrossLab lunch events – Alessandro Ludovico: Neural, magazine in print & pixel. Wednesday March 18, 2009, 12.25-1.15 p.m. Willem de Kooning Academy, Blaak 10, 3011 TA Rotterdam/NL – 2nd Floor.