November 15-30, 2008 will see the Master Media Design presented at the ‘Biennale Internationale Design 2008’ in St. Étienne/France. Three students and alumni – Dennis  de Bel (NL), Linda Hilfling (DK) and Ricardo Lafuente (PT) – have been invited with works they made as students here.

Dennis de Bel shows sound installations made out of refuse and debris. Linda Hilfling presents a web browser plugin that generates spelling errors to override Chinese censorship. Ricardo Lafuente shows an electronic brush and a board full of LED’s that allows visitors to create their own lighting typography and to make photo’s of it.

The ‘Biennale Internationale Design 2008’ is an international design event, closely connected to the ‘Cité du Design’ and the ‘École Supérieure d'Art & Design’ in Saint-Étienne.