Anthony-1Anthony Schrag was born in Zimbabwe and grew up in the Middle East, UK, Canada and is currently based in Scotland. He has worked nationally and internationally, including residencies in Iceland, USA, Canada, Finland, The Netherlands and South Africa, among others. He doesn’t do many exhibitions because he is conflicted about ‘objects’ and is afraid of the permanence they suggest. Instead, he works in participatory manner, and central to his practice is a broader discussion about the place of art in a social context. His practice-based PhD – completed in 2016 – explored the relationship between artists, institutions and the public, looking specifically at the productive nature of conflict. He has been the recipient of numerous awards including The Hope Scot Trust, Creative Scotland, British Council, the Dewar Arts Award, the 2011 Standpoint Futures: Public residency award, as well as a Henry Moore Artist Fellowship. In 2015, he walked 2638 km from the north of Scotland to the Venice Biennale to explore the place of participatory artworks within the public realm.


At the Master Education in Arts Anthony Schrag is tutor of the module Contemporary Issues in Art and Design Education as well as graduation supervisor.

His fields of expertise are: education & art in the public realm; artistic research; post-colonial and queer/feminist pedagogy, participatory and public practices.