Public Talk with Marc Tuters
Time: Thursday June 16 2016, 18:30 hrs.
Location: Piet Zwart Institute, Karel Doormanhof 45 Rotterdam
Admission: Free

As part of the seminar Digital Cultures, run by course tutor Michelle Kasprzak, the Master Education in Arts would like to cordially invite you to a public lecture by Marc Tuters.

In the last decade Marc Tuters has produced numerous collaborative art/science projects and coordinated events for international new media festivals. Over this period he was also involved in establishing a series of cross-disciplinary research networks internationally, which examine social and creative aspects of wireless, including: the Locative Network in Latvia, the Mobile Digital Commons Network in Canada, and the PLAN Network the UK. Marc has been a practicing artist throughout his academic career and is also known for coining the term “locative media” with his collaborator, Karlis Kalnins.

Through the lens of contemporary debates in media theory and illustrated with examples drawn from avant-garde practices in media art and architectural history, this talk looks at how telecommunications networks challenge us to rethink the notion of location.

Dr. Marc Tuters is a researcher in new media. He holds degrees in Cinema, Media Studies and Interactive Media and was a research fellow at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg Centre in Los Angeles. Recently he obtained his doctorate in Media Studies from the University of Amsterdam with his monograph “Komoikos: The Search for Location in a
Networked Age”.